In addition to our in-house training events, we host a weekly webinar training for our clients. This session is currently divided into three parts: Clinician Management Training, Medicare Billing Training, and Administrative Management Training.

Depending on your agency’s organizational structure, employees may fall under different job categories. These users should be proficient in all role functions assigned to them.

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  • Clinician Management and Basic Training

    Helps the clinician to think like a clinician, by guiding the documentation process and incorporating best-practice industry standards into care plan and care delivery processes.

    • Need-to-know basic CradleMRx processes, including logging and support availability
    • Clinician to-do list
    • Perform OASIS documentation
    • Access clinical nurse notes
    • Create medication profiles
    • Understand real-time agency alert reminder tasks
    • Learn how 485 OASIS and care plan are automatically generated from the clinician assessment
    • Understand QA management functionality
  • Billing Training

    • Understand basic CradleMRx processes, including login and support availability
    • Access to RAP created
    • Access to EOE created
    • Learn how to post schedules
    • Track prior authorization from insurance companies
    • Plan-of-care status tracking
    • Electronic claim submission to multiple payers
    • ANSI – Remittance Notice
  • Administrative Management Training

    CradleMRx software functionality helps agencies improve office, clinical, and financial management by streamlining existing operating standards.

    • Understand CradleMRx process, including login and support availability
    • Understand the management of day-to-day tasks
    • Understand and support the ability of intake staff to efficiently gather the necessary information from the referral and quickly assign the visit to clinician
    • Understand how task scheduling works and how it affects compliance and reduces deficiency citations
    • Understand how to review and manage orders
    • Understand how billing works and how to expedite payment
    • Understand and know how to use CradleMRx reporting tools

There are no webinars currently scheduled.