Hurricane Season Preparation for Home Health Agencies

As the most recent storm on its way past the East Coast leaves the United States mainland, it serves as a reminder of the hurricanes that hit the Gulf Coast region in recent years.

CradleMRx clients can rest assured, as they always have in hurricane evacuation situations that their patient records and workflow information are and will remain safe and available online anytime.

With hurricane season starting today (June 1st) and running through November 30, the obvious question remains:

Are you prepared for this hurricane season?

Please share with us any interesting anecdotes and/or useful tips for home health agencies as it relates to this topic.

Below you will find some useful links you may want to share with your colleagues and family members as well.

See the Tropical Cyclone Preparedness guide at from the U.S. National Hurricane Center.

Track storms from at the National Hurricane Center’s website.

Find Hurricane Information for Health Care Professionals at from the Center from Disease Control and Prevention CDC.

Why a 2% Reduction in Medicare Payments?

There are a few reasons your Home Health Agency (HHA) might be subject to 2% Reduction in Medicare payments for calendar year 2012.

  1. Your Home Health Agency’s OASIS were not transmitted within 30 days of the Completed date (M0090) looking at a time period of July 1, 2010 to June 30, 2011
  2. Your Home Health Agency qualified for CAHPS but did not participate in an HH-CAHPS dry run in third quarter 2010 and then continue monthly data submission to an approved CAHPS vendor.

For more information: