Our technical support staff is available every weekday from 9am to 7pm Central Time.

If you would like to chat with a live representative, please click the button below during normal business hours. If a representative is not available for chat, clicking the button will allow you to leave us a message.

Click here for support

You can also reach us by phone at 713-776-8510, or via email at


To start a remote screen-sharing session, you can download TeamViewer using the link below. Our support staff can instruct you how to set up the software.

Note:TeamViewer has released Version 10 of their software, which will not work with the version we are using. We have provided links to TeamViewer 9 for your convenience below.

Download TeamViewer for Windows
TeamViewer for Windows
Download TeamViewer for Mac
TeamViewer for Mac

If you would like DDE access through CradleMRx, you can visit our DDE page to download a signup form.

To set up electronic signatures (e-signatures) for your office, you will need to download the e-signature agreement and application.

You will need a telnet program to manually connect to Palmetto GBA. We recommend Hyperterminal, but do not support the application directly. This download includes settings to connect directly to Palmetto.

To send a payment to us directly, please download the bank authorization form. Once it is filled out, fax it to our office so that we can quickly process your payment.