Software Features

CradleMRx software is developed based on extensive feedback from our own users. While CradleMRx continues to be an extremely user-friendly and comprehensive software application, we are constantly striving for improvement. As leaders in the home health software market, enabling our users to work faster with less errors is our main focus.

General Features

  • Full HIPAA compliancy, and meets EHR “meaningful use” guidelines
  • Direct Data Entry (DDE) access directly from the application (no download needed)
  • Multidisciplinary scheduling with just a few mouse clicks
  • All clinician forms (OASIS-C, SN, PT, OT, ST, MSW, HHA)
  • Easily export HH-CAHPS files to approved vendors
  • HHRG Analysis
  • Custom reporting
  • User-selectable visual themes

Features for Clinicians

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging system (MRxMail)
  • Built-in intelligence to prevent verbatim Skilled Teaching notes
  • Full medication profile with drug-to-drug interaction (provided by Drug Bank)
  • Complete episode vital ranges
  • Optional eSignature for clinicians
  • Immediate PECOS validation and status

Features for Administrators

  • On-site setup and training available for staff, and ongoing weekly training events
  • Training material and help system available within the application
  • Web-based software means lower IT cost
  • Employee access can be optionally limited to office premises
  • Export data to approved HH-CAHPS survey providers
  • List of approved CAHPS vendors available
  • Tiered product pricing for smaller agencies
  • Easily post electronic remittance notices (ERN) from any payer
  • Comprehensive reporting that satisfies CoP

Features for Billing Staff

  • Track prior authorization from insurance companies
  • Electronic claims submission to multiple payers (Medicare, Medicaid, and HMOs)
  • Plan-of-Care (485)
  • ANSI 837 – Electronic Billing
  • ANSI 835 – Remittance Notice