Houston, Dallas & Fort Worth in Top 5 Cities to Buy a Home in 2014

2014 is here. Prosperity is on everyone’s mind. But where in the U.S. can one find the most potential for prosperity? Perhaps the following article may shed some potential light on the subject, at least as it relates to housing, low unemployment, economic outlook and low investment risk.

Anyone from Texas? With three cities listed as top cities to buy a home in 2014, if expectations hold true, you may be getting extra help with regards to your prosperity goals. But there are other states with cities listed as well, including Oklahoma, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Florida, Nevada, Idaho, Michigan, Utah, Massachusetts, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Virginia, Kentucky, Indiana, A quick glimpse according to the related Forbes article, “Homes in the greater Dallas region are … expected to rise … 29% over the next three years.”

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