CradleMRx releases update for OASIS C2 2017

CradleMRx is ready for the OASIS C2 2017 update.  You will notice that previous OASIS will remain functional under the old OASIS C1 ICD-10 format.  Any new OASIS, as of January 1st, 2017, will be under the newly updated OASIS C2 format.

Background Information from CMS

Per CMS, “effective January 1, 2017, OASIS-C2 is the current version of the OASIS data set.  It was developed from OASIS-C1/ICD-10 to accommodate new data being collected for the Home Health Quality Reporting Program in support of the IMPACT Act.” For full details visit the CMS site here.

CradleMRx’s new OASIS C2 2017 uses updated technology for optimum speed.  It will also implement augmented compliance features where applicable by showing the current selection in the given sections of the OASIS in an ORANGE box.

Expected Changes

  •  The OASIS C2 version includes three new standardized items (M1028, M1060, GG0170c), along with modification to and renumbering of select medication and integumentary items to standardize with other post-acute settings of care (M1311, M1313, M2001, M2003, and M2005).
  •  The lookback period and item number was changed in five items (M1500, M1510, M2015, M2300 and M2400).
  •  Formatting changes were made throughout the document to convert multiple check boxes to a single box for data entry, where responses are mutually-exclusive, and to change the numbering for pressure ulcer staging from Roman to Arabic numerals.
  •  The complete set of OASIS-C2 data items can be found in the Downloads section here.

CradleMRx is ICD-10 Ready

The transition to ICD-10 is required for everyone covered by the Health Insurance Portability Accountability Act (HIPAA). We at Cradle Solution, Inc. have implemented our ICD-10 lookup in a way that makes using it as simple as possible. The two-way mapping of both ICD-9 and ICD-10 ensures that our users can search for diagnosis codes using either format.

The image below shows the result of searching for an ICD-10 code; the corresponding ICD-9 codes are displayed on the right side of the page. Currently, use of ICD-10 codes is restricted until the official rollout date of October 1, 2015.


For users who would rather search by ICD-9 during this transitional period, the diagram below shows a diagnosis search for an ICD-9 code; the corresponding ICD-10 codes are displayed in the right-side panel. Currently, only ICD-9 codes are available for selection. After the October 1st rollout date, ICD-10 codes will be selectable from this search.


Once the correct diagnosis code is selected, the green button containing the correct ICD code will insert the selected code to the OASIS page.

Extended Support Hours

In order to better service our customers, we are proud to announce that we have now extended our support hours on weeknights to 7pm CST, making our support hours 9am-7pm CST Monday through Friday. Support can be contacted via phone or chat during these hours.

To access our customer support, visit the Support page..

We look forward to delivering exceptional customer service and keeping you informed about the latest changes to CradleMRx.

Single Sign-On

Over one year ago, CradleMRx introduced Single Sign-On. This allowed users to use only a single login for CradleMRx, even when working with multiple agencies. To make the transition to Single Sign-On easier, we left the traditional “Agency Key” login available.

After a great deal of internal discussion, we feel that the time has come to retire the key-based login. Not only will this simplify login overall, but it will ensure we can help our customers easier in the future.

We will roll out these changes to all users beginning February 1, 2014. After this time, the regular key-based login will be unavailable and you will need to use Single Sign-On.

Benefits to Single Sign-On

No need to contact us for password resets. Since your email address is registered in the system, simply use your email to reset or change your password at any time.

Better notifications. If we have to notify you of a problem, we can email you about it immediately. You won’t have to wait to see it in MRxMail, or hear about it from your administrator.

Simpler login. There will only be a single login form for CradleMRx. Get your work done quicker and easier, and no need to remember multiple agency keys!

More access. As we roll out more features and products, you can use your Single Sign-On account to access these as they become available.

To create a Single Sign-On login, you can download instructions here.

As we continue into 2014, expect more changes that will improve the CradleMRx experience.

CradleMRx Version 4.5 Release Notes

This is a summary of the updates that all users should be aware of in CradleMRx 4.5.

OASIS-C Version II

  • All our OASIS M0 elements now allow for more documentation space to allow the nurses to capture more detailed information about an assessment.
  • In order to achieve a true creation of the plan of care from the OASIS assessment, each section of the OASIS now has goals and intervention features that come with predefined goals and interventions with additional space for additional information to be entered. This information combines to become part of the Plan of Care (485). This eliminates the need to create the Plan of Care from scratch. By properly filling out the assessment, the Plan of Care is created at the same time.
  • Clinicians can now determine the sequence in which Plan of Care goals and interventions are arranged on the 485.
  • The nursing assessment sections of OASIS have been improved to capture more details. For example: areas like ‘Diabetic Foot Exam’, ‘Is Patient on dialysis’, ‘Infusion’.
  • Corrections can now be made to Non–M0 elements of the OASIS assessment without having to re-open the assessment completely.
  • A new reference episode calendar view has been created on the frequency page of the OASIS with pointers on episode start and end dates.
  • The medication profile is now fully embedded in OASIS. Clinicians can complete the medication profile in OASIS without having to leave the OASIS screen. Medication profile display in the OASIS has been reformatted to display even more information.
  • Data lookup for OASIS assessments has been improved. Content can now be added to the data lookup directly on the OASIS page without having to close out the current work page.

Pediatrics Daily Flow Sheet

  • Agencies using the pediatrics module can input and print their daily flow sheet in CradleMRx.

OASIS Scrubber

  • The OASIS Scrubber is a new feature that helps find clinical inconsistencies in the OASIS and also gives suggestions on how to properly fill out the OASIS document in order to maximize reimbursement. It also helps to reduce the time spent on reviewing the assessments, thereby increasing agency productivity.

Employee Time Clock

  • Keep track of employees’ work hours with the new ‘Time Clock’ feature in CradleMRx. This new Time Clock feature enables office staff to clock in/out and while providing a means to track information needed for payroll.

Sliding Scale

  • All patients with insulin can now be documented using a sliding scale.


  • The Medicaid module now allows the user to document a progress note.

Version 4.1 is Coming Soon

For home health agencies and clinicians, recent technology has been a boon to those professionals who need to stay mobile while getting work done. Mobile computing is becoming the norm, and all industries need to stay up-to-date on the latest technology to even keep up with competition.

While CradleMRx has traditionally been focused on replicating a desktop-like experience, this has proven problematic with the wide array of devices available on the market. We have been working on bringing all the features available in the desktop experience to the mobile computing environment, because we don’t feel you should have to trade a powerful workflow for a watered-down mobile experience.

To that end, we have made a number of usability improvements across many areas of CradleMRx. We’ve smoothed out interaction with OASIS, Nurse Notes, OT Notes, HHA Notes, Referral Intake Forms; as well as other minor UI improvements across the board.

Along with mobile improvements, we’ve also squashed some bugs and added a few new features.

This release has mostly been focused on mobile usability, but we will continue to incorporate your feedback into upcoming changes to CradleMRx. Please feel free to let us know how we’re doing!

Upcoming Changes for Version 3.6

As part of our ongoing commitment to our home health customers, we will be updating the software in the coming weeks. We are rigorously testing the new version, and will release the update once we are confident our changes have been tested end-to-end.

This release will focus mainly on bug fixes and enhancements to existing systems, with nearly no major user interface changes.

Listed below are some of the features and fixes:

Enforcement of OASIS Sequencing Rule – CradleMRx now allows you to set, at an agency level, the option of enforcing OASIS sequencing when adding OASIS documents. The OASIS sequencing rule will continue working in the same way if this option is not set.

Intake Modification – HIC number and Insurance Type has been added to customer intake. This will now populate Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicaid, and other insurance numbers based on the selected insurance type.

CAHPS Manager – The CAHPS management module has been redesigned to be more consistent with the remainder of CradleMRx.

Claims Manager – The claims management system has been revised to allow agencies to add supplies from the billing page. This has the benefit of removing the need to visit multiple screens while adding supplies. We have also increased the number of ICD-9 codes saved during validation from 4 to 9 (one primary ICD-9 plus 8 other ICD-9 codes).

QA Manager – We have redesigned the QA Manager, as well as added new document types for review. The new types are Orders, Communication Notes, and Document Templates. We have also added QA enforcement for these new types, enabled from the Agency Settings page. These types are in addition to the already existing OASIS, SN, PT, ST, OT, HHA, and MSW types. Please note that Case Conference and SN Care Plans are not part of the QA process.

Reports – Our UB04 and CMS1500 forms have been revised to print more clearly. We have also added an Episode Checklist, which will allow office staff to see the status of all documents within an episode, and can be printed from the Episode Manager. In addition, we have added Episode Claim Reports and an Additional Documentation Report.


  • We have added links to Nurse Notes for Templates, Orders, and Communication Notes for added convenience to nurses.
  • Open tasks are now the only ones that may be voided or missed.
  • Completed items already included in a billing cannot be corrected until the item is excluded. This will reduce submission errors when correcting billing items.
  • The billing item editor has now been made more user-friendly.
  • Some data setup pages were having an issue reverting to older data after saving. This has now been fixed.

HIPAA 5010 Certification for Claims Submission, Claim Status, Eligibility Check and ERN

Please be advised that Cradle Solution Inc. (CradleMRx) has been approved to submit the 5010 version.

As of the date of this blog entry, we are simply awaiting Palmetto GBA’s update of their approved vendor list.

In preparedness for the upcoming change to EDI 5010 for electronic claim transmission to Fiscal Intermediaries, please review which of the following items apply to your agency.

1. If you were subscribed to our Eligibility, Claims and Remittance (ECR) package prior to 11/15/2011, or if you were submitting claims yourself using GPNet prior to 11/15/2011, you do not have to do anything as we have already taken care of updating your Submitter ID to the new 5010 format for you.

2. If you received your submitter ID after 11/15/2011, you were automatically setup for the new 5010 format. This was automatic since Palmetto GBA stopped all 4010 setups on that date.

3. If you have a Submitter ID from prior to 11/15/2011 and intend to start using our ECR or intend to submit EDI yourself via GPNet, you will need to update your Submitter ID to the new 5010 format by filling out the following form per sample below.


4. File Submission and Acknowledgement: Submitted (ANSI 837) Files now get both a 999 Acknowledgement File and a Response File (277CA) in EDI format. None of these files are easily readable without translation software. This is a critical change from 4010 version.

5. ECR users will get translated versions of both responses while Non ECR users will not be able to easily read there responses. ECR users are CradleMRx users who automatically submit their claims through the automated submission channel. 999 Acknowledgement File translations will not be available to Manual claim file submitters.

6. All providers are henceforth required to provide their 4 digit zip code extension. You can do that from inside CradleMRx by going to Setup and updating the Home Health information with the 4 digit zip code extension e.g. 77074-5124

7. New!—–Sample 999 Acknowledgement, available to ECR Subscribers, automated submitters only.

8. New!—– Sample Claim Status ANSI 277CA

CradleMRx adds Online Chat Support and Additional Themes

In the spirit of the holiday season, CradleMRx is proud to offer new user-selectable themes, as well as live chat support!

To access the live chat support you can either:

  • Go to the Help menu, and select Online Chat from within CradleMRx or
  • Visit the Support page on our website

To change your themes, simply go to My Profile on the top right and choose the option of your choice for your desired theme color. After you save the changes, you will need to logout and log back in for the changes to become active.

In addition to these two updates, the following improvements and/or bug fixes have also been released as a minor release, namely CradleMRx 3.5.1:

  • Missed Visit Note now has status of “Missed Completed”
  • Orders are now identified based on the four (4) types of OASIS that generate an order
  • Physician Face to Face Orders are also included for tracking purposes
  • Open billing items are now allowing Status Updates
  • Communication/Progress/Discharge Visit Note can now be signed by the assigned nurse
  • Copying a 485 Order to another Physician is now allowed
  • Post Hospital actions can be printed on the resumption of care order
  • To Do list is now linked to the Clinician Schedule Manager
  • ERN can now be extracted and viewed from the billing manager