CradleMRx Version 4.5 Release Notes

This is a summary of the updates that all users should be aware of in CradleMRx 4.5.

OASIS-C Version II

  • All our OASIS M0 elements now allow for more documentation space to allow the nurses to capture more detailed information about an assessment.
  • In order to achieve a true creation of the plan of care from the OASIS assessment, each section of the OASIS now has goals and intervention features that come with predefined goals and interventions with additional space for additional information to be entered. This information combines to become part of the Plan of Care (485). This eliminates the need to create the Plan of Care from scratch. By properly filling out the assessment, the Plan of Care is created at the same time.
  • Clinicians can now determine the sequence in which Plan of Care goals and interventions are arranged on the 485.
  • The nursing assessment sections of OASIS have been improved to capture more details. For example: areas like ‘Diabetic Foot Exam’, ‘Is Patient on dialysis’, ‘Infusion’.
  • Corrections can now be made to Non–M0 elements of the OASIS assessment without having to re-open the assessment completely.
  • A new reference episode calendar view has been created on the frequency page of the OASIS with pointers on episode start and end dates.
  • The medication profile is now fully embedded in OASIS. Clinicians can complete the medication profile in OASIS without having to leave the OASIS screen. Medication profile display in the OASIS has been reformatted to display even more information.
  • Data lookup for OASIS assessments has been improved. Content can now be added to the data lookup directly on the OASIS page without having to close out the current work page.

Pediatrics Daily Flow Sheet

  • Agencies using the pediatrics module can input and print their daily flow sheet in CradleMRx.

OASIS Scrubber

  • The OASIS Scrubber is a new feature that helps find clinical inconsistencies in the OASIS and also gives suggestions on how to properly fill out the OASIS document in order to maximize reimbursement. It also helps to reduce the time spent on reviewing the assessments, thereby increasing agency productivity.

Employee Time Clock

  • Keep track of employees’ work hours with the new ‘Time Clock’ feature in CradleMRx. This new Time Clock feature enables office staff to clock in/out and while providing a means to track information needed for payroll.

Sliding Scale

  • All patients with insulin can now be documented using a sliding scale.


  • The Medicaid module now allows the user to document a progress note.

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