Upcoming Changes for Version 3.6

As part of our ongoing commitment to our home health customers, we will be updating the software in the coming weeks. We are rigorously testing the new version, and will release the update once we are confident our changes have been tested end-to-end.

This release will focus mainly on bug fixes and enhancements to existing systems, with nearly no major user interface changes.

Listed below are some of the features and fixes:

Enforcement of OASIS Sequencing Rule – CradleMRx now allows you to set, at an agency level, the option of enforcing OASIS sequencing when adding OASIS documents. The OASIS sequencing rule will continue working in the same way if this option is not set.

Intake Modification – HIC number and Insurance Type has been added to customer intake. This will now populate Medicare Part A, Medicare Part B, Medicaid, and other insurance numbers based on the selected insurance type.

CAHPS Manager – The CAHPS management module has been redesigned to be more consistent with the remainder of CradleMRx.

Claims Manager – The claims management system has been revised to allow agencies to add supplies from the billing page. This has the benefit of removing the need to visit multiple screens while adding supplies. We have also increased the number of ICD-9 codes saved during validation from 4 to 9 (one primary ICD-9 plus 8 other ICD-9 codes).

QA Manager – We have redesigned the QA Manager, as well as added new document types for review. The new types are Orders, Communication Notes, and Document Templates. We have also added QA enforcement for these new types, enabled from the Agency Settings page. These types are in addition to the already existing OASIS, SN, PT, ST, OT, HHA, and MSW types. Please note that Case Conference and SN Care Plans are not part of the QA process.

Reports – Our UB04 and CMS1500 forms have been revised to print more clearly. We have also added an Episode Checklist, which will allow office staff to see the status of all documents within an episode, and can be printed from the Episode Manager. In addition, we have added Episode Claim Reports and an Additional Documentation Report.


  • We have added links to Nurse Notes for Templates, Orders, and Communication Notes for added convenience to nurses.
  • Open tasks are now the only ones that may be voided or missed.
  • Completed items already included in a billing cannot be corrected until the item is excluded. This will reduce submission errors when correcting billing items.
  • The billing item editor has now been made more user-friendly.
  • Some data setup pages were having an issue reverting to older data after saving. This has now been fixed.