Texas and Florida Rank on Top in Medicare Home Health Utilization Report

Based on The Remington Report, which shows state-by-state data on reimbursements, patient count, patient visits, as well as their averages, Texas ranks highest in reimbursements followed by Florida.

The national average:

  • Total Reimbursement: $19,533,203,558
  • Patients: 3,452,459
  • Visits: 124,698,461
  • Average Reimbursement Per Patient: $5,691
  • Average Visits Per Patient: 36

On a comparison of the top two states with regards to Total Reimbursement, namely Texas and Florida:

  • Total Reimbursement:  Texas (1st) at $3,074,853,160 followed by Florida at $2,278,311,770
  • Patients: Texas (1st) at 368,722 followed by Florida (2nd) at 356,502
  • Visits: Texas (1st) at 22,074,537 followed by Florida at 16,877,067 (2nd)
  • Average Reimbursement Per Patient: Texas (1st) at $8,339 whereas Florida (6th) at $6,391
  • Average Visits Per Patient: Texas (2nd behind Oklahoma) at 60 whereas Florida is 5th at 47

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  1. Philip T says:

    Well Texas stands to reason we are the 2nd Largest State in the nation by Population, more people = more utilization when the only state programs medicaid.

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