CradleMRx adds Online Chat Support and Additional Themes

In the spirit of the holiday season, CradleMRx is proud to offer new user-selectable themes, as well as live chat support!

To access the live chat support you can either:

  • Go to the Help menu, and select Online Chat from within CradleMRx or
  • Visit the Support page on our website

To change your themes, simply go to My Profile on the top right and choose the option of your choice for your desired theme color. After you save the changes, you will need to logout and log back in for the changes to become active.

In addition to these two updates, the following improvements and/or bug fixes have also been released as a minor release, namely CradleMRx 3.5.1:

  • Missed Visit Note now has status of “Missed Completed”
  • Orders are now identified based on the four (4) types of OASIS that generate an order
  • Physician Face to Face Orders are also included for tracking purposes
  • Open billing items are now allowing Status Updates
  • Communication/Progress/Discharge Visit Note can now be signed by the assigned nurse
  • Copying a 485 Order to another Physician is now allowed
  • Post Hospital actions can be printed on the resumption of care order
  • To Do list is now linked to the Clinician Schedule Manager
  • ERN can now be extracted and viewed from the billing manager


  1. tammie lee says:

    Was wondering when you will add OT evals, regular visit notes and DC visits so that our OT can utilize system?


  2. Hello Tammie,

    We will be adding some features for OT in our next release. We are currently testing the new version, and hope to release it in the coming weeks. We will have a blog post up soon detailing some of the changes.

  3. stella says:

    We used to be able to copy and paste information from the oasis discharge and admissions summary to patient’s discharge summary pages.Recently if oasis is already locked,we are no longer able to do this.We do send our discharge summary to our physicians and it’s a waste of time re-writing the information that is already in the oasis assessment.Can you fix this?

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